Oz Studio is now located in Victory Energy Wellness Center!!!

I am so excited about this move!  I have not only added technologies that will rock your physical results (see below)  but now you also have wonderful options offered by the team here at Victory Energy Wellness for physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  You can still schedule with me at 801.232.3031, visit my online scheduler (click on the link above) or you can call the center and talk to Cherie the office manager at 480.422.7022.  You are invited to come in and have a tour of the Center during operation hours.  I am excited to create possibilities with you…

I offer single services, packages and memberships!  

Susan Taylor

Fascia Blasting

One on one hands-on Fascia Blast Sessions


Face & Body Microcurrent

Tone, tighten & sculpt face and body painlessly

JOOVV Full Body Light Therapy

Detox, increase collagen, improve performance, pain reduction

Full Body Vibration

Stimulate large and small muscle & activate lymph

More about what I offer…


 Fasciablasting stretches fascia, smooths distortions, increases circulation, increases collagen, smooths fine lines, minimizes stretch marks, carves out muscle definition

Fascia blasting is great for learning to love and appreciate your body whether you have new dimples and dents forming or you’ve always had distortion (mental or physical).  When fascia gets tight it causes surface distortion as well as deeper distortions.  Fascia Blast Sessions consist of heating the tissues to be worked on (full body or specific areas), applying oil and scrubbing tissues with various Fasciablaster tools.  The benefits of Fasciablasting go beyond physical.  Fascia until recently was considered simply “connective tissue”.   Scientists have recently declared it an organ and are discovering the profound impact fascial health has on over-all physical and emotional well being.

I offer packages and subscriptions as well as workshops.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please feel free to ask…


More about Face and Body Micro-current...

The packages I offer are referred to as a non-surgical face or body lift.  Micro-current targets different layers of the tissues from the deepest to the most surface to lift, tone and smooth skin on face and body.   

Face:  are you starting to notice loose or crepey skin?  Your jaw line used to be chiseled and now it is falling?  How about those cheekbones, neck or eyes?  The Neurotris system plumps up muscle from the deepest to the most surface to keep your skin lifted and fresh, it also stimulates collagen and circulation to plump up, enliven and increase cell turnover.  It feels great and gives you lasting results.

Body:  Neurotris is a great addition to your getting in shape program.  Micro-current is targeted strength and muscle building at its finest.  The current goes directly to the muscles from deepest to most surface to create tone and definition.  Whether you want to redefine your six pack, tighten and tone your arms or legs or just strengthen your core muscles so you stay strong and vibrant, micro-current is a great option to add to your self care regime.

 I use the Nuerotris Micro-current system the most advanced micro-current system available for face and body, the current is targeted the device is designed with a biofeedback system to ensure that the current is doing what it is supposed to.


Micro-current is a painless process that according to my clients can almost be addictive, there is a deep satisfaction in the tissues as muscles get worked that you forgot you had! 

JOOVV Full Body Light Therapy

JOOVV MAX offers medical-grade powerful light therapy in short 10 minute sessions.  Light therapy is a clinically proven therapy that has benefits such as enhancing… ATP production, energy, muscle Recovery, athletic performance, sleep optimization, sexual libido, pain relief, wound healing, skin clarity, tone, texture, decreasing inflammation, hair growth, general cell health and cell turnover, fat reduction AND MORE!  It has become a go to in the lives of many high performers and bio hackers.  Try it today!


Vibration Plate- Full Body Vibration

This is a 10 minute session that adds incredible value on its own or with the other services I offer.  This platform activates small and large muscles with micro-movements it strengthens and tones body and also helps the body rid itself of excess lymphatic fluid.  I have gotten feedback that it also loosens tight muscle groups and relaxes the body.

Our lymph system is vital to our health, our lymph system does not have it’s own pump like for example our heart does, our entire body is the pump, our muscles fire and move the lymph.  Walking stimulates lymph movement and flushing. 


I have a deep respect for the human body and along with the tools and technologies that I offer, one of my greatest goals is to help you learn to really LOVE your body, listen and intuit and honor what it needs and wants. I think we forget (at least that is true for me) what a miraculous experience it is to live in these yummy bodies of ours. My goal is to help you reignite the wonder and love for your body which will naturally lead to better self care.

Don’t see your question? Ask Susan by text 801.232.3031