Detox 101


You enjoyed your blast, you leave the spa and what do you do?

In an ideal world, you would end the Body Sculpt Session and/or your own blast session with a cool shower, cool bath or an ice pack. If you are really having intense soreness or bruising, throw three bags of ice from the convenience store into the tub and fill it with enough water to immerse yourself. Not only will this help with inflammation, but it also is reasonably common knowledge that ice baths trigger the burning of another type of fat, brown fat. Ladies, athletes do this all the time and we should too!

Then, after you cool, apply a restorative cream, oil and/or skin tightener. For example:

●  Essential oils

●  Arnica to promote healing and remodeling the fascia

●  Skin tightening cream

The following excerpt is from the book The Cellulite Myth It’s Not Fat It’s Fascia by Ashley Black.

“Everything you’ve been exposing to, eaten, put on your skin or breathed in has the potential to be stored in the body, your detox will depend on what you have in your body and how regularly you are exposed to toxins. Detoxing is unique to each individual.

When you blast, you are opening up tissue and whatever was stored inside the tissue is going to be released. When toxins are released they can present in a multitude of ways. Sometimes toxins are released immediately in the form of bumps and rashes. Other times they are filtered through the lymph fluid and blood. This gives your liver and kidneys a workout, which is another reason to drink more water. Other detox symptoms include: raised white spots, lightheadedness, anger/emotion, changes in stool or urine color, soreness in the breast and nipples, changes in menstrual cycles, spotting, swelling, strange-colored bruises, hot skin, flu-like symptoms, and in some extreme cases vomiting. And still, some people do not experience any symptoms at all.”


  • Drink plenty of quality water.
  • Supplement with Cellectrolytes TM (or your favorite electrolytes) .
  • Support the liver (ie. milk thistle or castor oil packs)
  • Support the colon (ie. fibrous foods, probiotics, enzymes)
  • Sauna

This treatment is designed as a shaping and support service to you. Ideally you would be using the Fascia Blaster tool at home at least weekly following Ashley’s protocols that can be found in her book and also on her facebook page and youtube as well as my favorites listed here on this site.