Fascia Blasting Services

How does blasting work?

Scrubbing of the tissues(fascia) with The FasciaBlaster® tools can provide a number of benefits which can include:  lifting, tightening skin and tissues, smoothing dimpled tissues, releasing wrinkles, increasing blood supply, firming crepe skin, stimulating the lymph system and removal of excess fluids in tissues.  Specific improvements commonly reported:  Smoothing cellulite, dowagers hump, fatty knees, love handles, loose skin on inner thighs, turkey neck, drooping eyelids, 11’s, furrowed forehead, thinning lips, jowels, thickening neck, tight drawn up shoulders and baby belly…

Spa Room


Enjoy relaxation of Heat and Water Therapy with Infrared Sauna, Jetted Walk-in Tub and Therapy Shower. (30 min / 60 min / 90 min)

How does the SPA ROOM work?

The OZ Studio Spa Room can be rented by itself or rented with other services added. We will meet you at the spa, give you overview how to operate the equimement, and leave you to relax into your own heat and water treatments. You can decide how to use your time within the spa room with full privacy. If you have combined with other services we will discuss how the two combine to give you maximum improvement towards your relaxation, health or body goals.

Hair Services

Haircut & Style: $40

(includes head and neck massage)

Mens Cut $25

(includes head & neck massage)

Highlights start at $65

Tints start at $45

Fantasy Colors start at $45

Special Treatment $35

(all natural organic ingredients. Castor oil detox, head, neck and faceblast with nourishing oils, zeolite scrub & Sonic Infrared Light Therapy- 30 minutes) 

We offer all the services of a full service hair salon:

cuts, color/color-corrections, styling and more.


Ready to Make Your Hair Ambitions Reality?

With 30+ years of hairstyling experience, you can trust that we have the skills to get you to were you want to be. Hair Woes? Difficult hair? Hair doing “brand new things” or stuff you don’t understand? BRING IT ALL. We are here to listen & provide hair services to achieve your goals, and leave you excited about your look.

Frequent Q&A

Can everyone do it?
No.  Pregnant or nursing women should not start blasting during pregnancy or nursing, anyone on blood thinners,  with blood clots, and a couple of other conditions I will add in when I remember
Will I really bruise?
Not everyone bruises but blaster bruises (when blaster is used properly) are caused by separation of fascial adhesions which allows blood to flood into the area and begin the healing process.  In my case my bruises lasted 3 weeks initially because my inflammation was so bad and my healing process was slow, after 3 months of blasting my bruises were lasting only 3 days before they faded out.  Arnica Montana helps with bruising and inflammation.  Taking the oral homeopathic Arnica and/or the Arnica gel or cream applied directly to the blasted tissues helps speed healing and reduce soreness
How long will it take to see results?
Every body is unique, age, fitness habits, health, nutrition, hydration all affect the condition of our fascia and the speed at which it responds to blasting.  You will see and feel some results immediately others will take time.  Progress photos are the best way to chart your progress.  Adding vitamin C, collagen and plenty of electrolytes to your regular regimin will help recovery and detox as well as cellular regeneration.
What is Fasciablasting?
It is a body sculpting session where the body is warmed, oiled and a variety of special Fascia Blasting tools are scrubbed over the tissues to release fascial adhesions, enlivening the skin, smoothing cellulite and reducing wrinkles and inflammation
Will it hurt?
Pain is a perception of sensation and varies from person to person.  I love the feeling because I know it is reversing the aging process for me.  It feels similar to a massage until I hit a fascial adhesion and then it feels like a hot or cold intense sensation.  Most clients report it ‘feels good’ and any discomfort fades instantly the minute the adhesion releases or the blasters move off of it.  Any client who has had deep tissue reports this feels much gentler than that form of structural therapy
Do you offer blast options other than what I see above?
Of course, you tell me what you need and what changes you are wanting to see in your body and we can design a session just for your body.
Are here any side effects?
Other than possible bruising seasoned blasters say they feel like they just got an amazing work-out.  For me personally I jump in a ice cold shower after a blast and it shrinks tissues, helps the lymph flush (remember I heat you to blast), starts the body burning that brown fat and gives me tons of all day strong energy (better than coffee).  Because I was so tired and had chronic pain when I began blasting, I felt detox symptoms like fatigue and sometimes crankiness.  Detox is real and it is amazing for the body.  Be kind to your body while blasting.  Get more than your usual amount of sleep or rest, drink lots of water and electrolytes and eat light.

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